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    The "Refer A Friend" Terms and Conditions

    • The 'Refer A Friend' program rewards our loyal clients for referring a friend or family member for finance through Rateseeker Pty Ltd.
    • Anyone can 'refer a friend' to Rateseeker using the 'Refer a Friend' form directly or via the Custom Affiliate Link provided to Rateseeker customers (see details below).
    • The 'referring customer' is elligible for a $300 thank you gift paid via direct deposit to a nominated bank account of their choice for each 'new customer' referral that sucessfully settles finance with Rateseeker
    • A 'new customer' is defined as someone who has never dealt with Rateseeker, placed an enquiry for finance or had finance brokered by Rateseeker in the past.
    • The 'referring customer' must use the 'Refer a Friend' form to obtain a unique referral code to be elligible to claim their $300 referral payment.
    • The 'referring customers' must include their own details on the 'Refer a Friend' form in order for Rateseeker to notify them when they are elligible to receive their referral payment.
    • The 'referring customer' can refer multiple 'new customers' via the form of their Custom Affiliate Link.
    • The 'referring customer' must get the express permission of the 'new customer' to pass on the 'new customers' contact information and details to Rateseeker and for our team to contact them.
    • $300 is only payable on 'referred' finance applications that are arranged and settled through Rateseeker and not on the submission of contact details via the form alone.
    • The 'referring customer' will be notified via email or phone when the referred finance settles and will be requested to send bank account / payment details to Rateseeker to arrange the referral payment.
    • The $300 will be released from Rateseeker Pty Ltd into the 'referring customers' account once all details have been verified and approved by Rateseeker.
    • Inelligible Referrals: Verbal referrals, referrals not provided via our 'Refer a Friend' form; or referrals provided after the 'new customer' has already made an enquiry or contact with us, are inelligible for payment of the referral fee.