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Tips for buying your first home home

Buying a home is a huge financial commitment. If you are saving to purchase your very first home, you probably want all possible advice. Here are a few tips to help you prepare wisely and realise property ownership sooner. Save for down payment and other buying costs. The first thing you need to do is work out your finances to make sure that you have enough to cover your down payment and property buying costs such as stamp duty, legal fees and lender’s fees. This prevents unexpected expenses and gives you a realistic picture of how much you can afford before you start house hunting.

Check your eligibility for the First Home Owners Grant (and other incentives). This scheme offers Australians who are building or buying a first home up to $20,000 financial assistance, the amount depending on their state or territory. If you are eligible, you can use the funds towards your down payment, moving expenses or renovation costs on your starter home. Seek the sharpest home loan rates. Search for home loan offers from multiple lenders to ensure you’re looking at the best possible deals. Find out which one best fits your needs by comparing interest rates, lender’s fees and loan terms. Trusted mortgage brokers from Rateseekers can make this process easier at no cost to you.

From finding the best mortgage rates to expert home-buying tips to easy loan approvals, Rateseekers is your one-stop shop for your home loan needs. If you’re ready for the next step in buying your new home, our qualified mortgage specialists are here to make your application faster and simpler.

Buying a second home? Here are some considerations to keep in mind

Whether it’s by the beach or up in the mountains, buying a second home is one of the most exciting property investments you can make. If you’re ready to take the plunge, we recommend getting an expert’s opinion before applying for your second mortgage. Most lenders impose stricter mortgage qualifications for vacation homes and offer slightly higher interest rates. And if you’re planning to rent out your vacation home as a source of additional income, then your home becomes an investment property. Rateseeker has processed successful second mortgage applications throughout the years. We can help you outweigh the costs of owning a second mortgage, and help you secure the loan when you’re ready.

Thinking of buying a second home, but don’t know where to start? Talk to us about your goals. Our mortgage advisers will shop and compare the top mortgage offers so you can pick out the deal that is right for you. Connect with one of our experts today and we’ll get in touch within the next 24 hours.

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Rateseeker has access to all of Australia’s major banks, and over 30 third-party lenders. We provide tailored home loans and interest rates that suit your unique situation.

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From the beginning till the end of our settlements (purchasing and selling our properties), Nick and Jason have helped us along the journey, going above and beyond to secure our dream home. They were always available to answer our questions and provided us with great advise.

Anthony Young

I have being using there service since 2015 and happy with their service. Nick & Jason provide great customer experience besides guiding with excellent professional advice. I highly recommend for anyone who are planning meet achieve their financial commitments like home loans.

Manojkumar Dundigalla

I highly recommend these guys! Reliable, responsive, efficient, very easy to work with! They were available after hours to accommodate our work hours. Got me and my fiancé the best rates and also went above and beyond when there was an issue with our settlement


FAQs about Buying a new Home

What Is The First Home Owners Grant?

The first home owners grant is a government grant developed to assist eligible first home owners to purchase a new home or build their home by offering a grant.

How Do I Apply For The First Home Owners Grant?

Applying for the First Home Owner Grant should be done at the same time as applying for your home loan. Our affiliated brokers will help with the application. You can also request an application from the office of state revenue directly.

How much is this First Home Owner Grant?

Each state has different rules and pays different grant amounts. The grant can vary from $5,000 in some states to $20,000 in others. In NSW, first home buyers purchasing a brand new first home will receive $10,000 first home owners grant up to a cost price of $750,000. States now require the property you purchase to be "brand new" to qualify for the first home owners grant.

If my partner & I are both eligible for the first home owners grant, do we get it twice?

No. When putting through an application, only one person in the application can be granted the FHOG. You also must make sure your partner hasn’t previously used or received the grant in Australia, as it may be denied.

Can I Still get a home loan with a poor credit history?

Eligibility for a home loan depends on many things, which includes your credit score. Your credit score is calculated by an assessment of how risky or trustworthy you are to possible lenders in regards to paying your loan back. Everyone's situation is different, and there are some lenders that will consider poor credit rating, defaults and even discharged bankrupt. Reach out to us if your credit history is of concern to you regarding a new home loan.

When does settlement take place after I put a deposit down?

The settlement date is usually listed on the contract of sale and this period varies by state and territory. This is important because there are different penalties if you do not settled by the agreed date, so make sure you check this before exchanging contracts. When the agreed settlement date arrives, you can pick up the keys to your new place!

Does Rateseeker help with investments home loans?

We sure do! Rateseeker has many major banks & non bank lenders to choose from to help achieve your property investment goals. Fill out our form and one of our affiliated brokers will get in touch with you to to work out how they can help.

What is a Contract For Sale?

The contract of sale is a legally binding document that you sign by you and the vendor (seller). This contract sets out the terms and conditions of the sale, as agreed to by you and the vendor. While the contract of sale becomes a legally binding document the moment you sign it, there may be a cooling-off period during which you can cancel the sale if you bought the property by private sale. This is generally negotiated before you sign the contract of sale. The cooling-off period does not apply to auctions.

How much will I need for a deposit?

Most lenders will usually require you to have a minimum 5% deposit of the purchase price plus a little extra to cover other costs such as stamp duty, legal fees and lender's fees. Now lenders have changed the required minimum deposit depending on other factors such as if it's an investment purchase and where the property is located. With constant changes with bank requirements, it is important to speak to a broker to work out what you really need.

What you need to consider when buying a property?

Applying for the First Home Owner Grant should be done at the same time as applying for your home loan. Our affiliated brokers will help with the application. You can also request an application from the office of state revenue directly.

What is a loan comparison rate?

Applying for the First Home Owner Grant should be done at the same time as applying for your home loan. Our affiliated brokers will help with the application. You can also request an application from the office of state revenue directly.

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