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First Time Home Buyers:

Finding the home loan right for you

Buying your first home is simultaneously the most exciting and daunting experience you can go through. Looking for your first home in Australia is rarely a straightforward process, especially since states have differing price values that continually fluctuate. 

Here’s where our property investment and mortgage specialists can get you back on track. 

At Rateseeker, our experts do their utmost to assist you to better understand the loan process, look into the available home loan options that suit your lifestyle the most, and which home loans you could potentially qualify for. We help first home owners find and compare the most competitive rates from over 30+ leading lenders- let our specialists find you a winning deal! 

As licensed mortgage advisors, we can also help you determine how much you are able to spend, and calculate a reliable estimation of your monthly repayments throughout your loan term. 

First time home buyers can expect to work with a highly experienced team of professionals who can point you in the right direction to the mortgage that meets your lifestyle requirements. Whatever home loan you choose, our comprehensive services are designed to assist you from beginning to the moment you sign the contract. 

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Why Choose Rateseeker

  • Low Rates: Super competitive rates for a variety of home loans for different borrowing situations. 
  • Support every step of the way: Australian-based lending specialists providing first time home buyers a full service that is trustworthy, efficient and reliable. 
  • Quick & easy: Compare and find the best rates with ho hassle. Our calculators are easy-to-use and lets you work at your own pace anytime and anywhere. 

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Our First Home Buyer Services

Most first home buyers in Australia are eligible to sign up for the following assistance schemes. These schemes can help first home owners to get into the property market and include; the First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) Scheme and the First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme. 

The first scheme is a cash grant, while the second refers to a tax concession or discount. Some first home buyers can qualify for both schemes depending on their current lifestyle and financial background. At Rateseeker, our mortgage specialists have the expertise and wealth of knowledge to help you in the following areas, and get you to your dream home faster: 

  • First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme
  • First Home Owners Grant Scheme 
  • First Home Buyer Home Loan
  • First Home Loan Deposit Schemes

→ For more information about our services, head on over to our FAQs. 

Our Calculators 

When it comes to shopping for the best home loan rates available, it pays to do a little research before you commit to purchase, especially if you’re a first home buyer. This is why Rateseeker aims to provide Australians with an easy online solution to compare mortgage products and rates in one place, at any given time.

At Rateseeker, we help you find the best home loan product out there by displaying both advertised and comparison rates along with fees and features attached to each product. Our goal is to make your search as hassle-free as possible during the most crucial stages of your property search. 

We currently compare more than 30+ lenders and home loans to give new buyers the confidence to compare interest rates and mortgages on their own. 

Whether you’re calculating stamp duty costs or considering if renting is better than buying, our free, easy-to-use platforms are designed to allow you to effortlessly compare rates of multiple lenders and investment loan products online. Simply choose the calculator that best applies to your situation and we’ll help you along the way.

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We negotiate lower home loan rates from 30+ lenders

Rateseeker has access to all of Australia’s major banks, and over 30 third-party lenders. We provide tailored home loans and interest rates that suit your unique situation.

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FAQs about First Home Buyers

What is the first home buyers grant?

The first home owners grant (New Homes) scheme is a cash grant intended for first home buyers who are purchasing or constructing a new house. The purpose of the FHOG is to encourage people to save up and buy their first home. You are eligible for the scheme if your are:

How much is the first home buyer's grant?

The first home owners grant (FHOG) across Australia can range from $0 - $20,000. This is dependent on your state and territory, and whether your home is built within a suburban or regional area. FHOGs in your states are updated yearly. Contact us for more information about the FHOG regulations in your state.

Do first home buyers pay stamp duty?

Paying stamp duty regulations for first home buyers vary between states. For the majority of first home buyers, you may not need to pay stamp duty if they are valued at a certain threshold. Some homes above their state’s stamp duty threshold may attract concessional rates. Contact us today for more information about your state or territory’s stamp duty regulations.

Can you use a first home buyer's grant as a deposit?

Yes you can use the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) as part of your deposit, however, you are required to have existing savings as the FHOG alone isn’t enough to cover a deposit.

How does the first home buyers grant work?

The FHOG is a government scheme introduced in 2000 designed to offset the effect of Goods and Services Tax on homeownership for first time home buyers. While it is a national scheme, it is funded by the states and territories, and administered under their own individual legislations and rules. Under the scheme, this one-off grant is payable for eligible first home buyers who wish to buy or build a residential property to live in. The eligibility criteria is not based on financial considerations.

Can a first time home buyer get a construction loan?

First time home buyers are eligible to get a construction loan. They can use it to help finance their home.

Can you get first home buyers' grants for land?

If you’re a first time home buyer and considering purchasing or building a new home on land, you may qualify for a grant under the First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) scheme. In NSW, You can make a claim for the First Home Owner Grant if your land for building and any dwelling you intend to build has a combined value less than $750,000.

Why choose Rateseeker for first home buyer services?

Rateseeker was created to give first home buyers a winning change to get them closer to affording the dream property they always wanted. We comprehend that the process of purchasing a house for the first time is confusing and disheartening. As a result, it is our mission to lead Australians to the right home loan with an easy-to-understand online approach, and invaluable expertise from licensed mortgage specialists. In the end, we give you a clearer image of your current financial situation to point you in the right direction of your dream home.

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As a founder of Ardent Capital Group, Nick Chong brings more than 12 years of financial planning and mortgage broking experience. This, together with his strong economics background, gives him the expertise to lead his handpicked talented team of advisers.

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